Free introductory meeting

There is always a free introductory meeting of 15 minutes. We think it's important that you have the best click with your Talk Buddie.

What are the cost of counseling through Talk buddies?

The cost of counseling through Talk buddies is € 35 a month for unlimited access to your Talk Buddie.

How will I pay for my membership?

After the free introductory meeting, your Talk Buddie wil send you a payment link that wil give you one month of unlimited access. In this way you can always get in touch with your Talk Buddie when needed.

The payment link wil allow you to pay trough Paypal,Creditcard, SEPA, SOFORT and Ideal. We don't work with recurring payments so you don't have to be worried about on going subscriptions.

Can I be reimbursed by my insurance?

Services offered by Talk Buddies are generally not covered by health insurance.


If your not happy with the service we refund your money.

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